Product ID: 151628

Fling-714 Artie Lewis Alone all alone/Why don’t they believe us Great Blues Rocker Tiny Writing on label M- $25.00
Cool-105 Warren Bros(Shorty&Smokey) I wonder where you are tonight/Necessary to me Great 2 Sided Bopper/Small Writing on Label VG++ $50.00
Go-6565 Jim Burgett Pick-up-a-coupl’a records/Split personality Great 2 Sided Rocker M- $100.00
Tower-250 Cole Deveron Cheatin ‘baby/Tennessee twist Great 2 Sided Rocker M- $40.00
Sleeper-110 Cholly Haynes Bouncing baby/A shoulder to cry on Great Rocker Small Label Tear Around Outer Part of Label Sticker Stain on Label M- $40.00
Lin-5014 Chuck-A-Lucks Disc jockey fever/The magic of firt love(B Side is a Good Doo Wop) Great Rocker/Flip Doo Wop/Scarce M- $75.00
Fargo-1019 Flames Letti lu/Makin’ time Great &Rare 2 Sided Rocker M- $90.00
MGM-12422 Ron Hargrave/Group Latch on/Only a dream DJ Great Rocker Plays Great Lite Sctch’s Does not affect play VG+ $35.00
Press-Ley-103 Jerry Kay See see rider/Love me Great Rocker Elvis Sound Guitar Piano Break M- $25.00
Toppa-1061 Smokey Stover On the warpath/Sometimes you just can’t win Great Rocker M- $50.00

Montel-2002 Buck Roger Rose marie/Crazy baby New orleans Blues Swamp Style Rocker Slight Edgewarp Does Not Affect Play VG++ $35.00
Mida-113 Donel Austin&The Rockin’ Impallas Get with it/Baby you’re mine tonight Good 2 Sided Rocker M- $50.00
MCA-51130 Shaun Nielsen Dream baby(How long must I wait)/Same DJ/Good 80’s Rocker(Roy Orbison song) M- $7.00
Musicenter-3101 Chuck Wiley Come back baby/Little star little star Great Rocker/#’s Machined Stamped in DW M- $40.00

King-5123 Wayne Carroll Chicken out/Cindy lee DJ Great Rocker Small Sticker on Label VG++ $25.00 ROCKABILLY
MGM-11422 Jesse Rogers The devil’s pitchfork/Howlin’&a prowlin’ Great 1 Sided Bopper Plays Great VG+/++ $15.00 ROCKABILLY
Gone-5010 Deltas Lamplight/Let me share your dreams Multi Label/Great R&B Small Writing on Label M- $150.00 DOOWOP
J.J.&M.-1526 Enchanters Oh rosemarie/Bewildered Great Doo Wop Clean Labels M- $150.00 DOOWOP

Aladdin-3384 Big T.Tyler King kong/Sadie green Great 2 Sided Rocker Plays Well Lite Sctch’s does Not Affect Play VG $65.00