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Online Catalog of Vinyl 45s – Music Types Include: Rockabilly, Jazz, Doowop, Soul, and Punk | View our list of vinyl 45s for sale – Each record listed has the record label, song list, and catalog number .

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Doowop 45s Vinyl Inventory - View our entire catalog here - $$
45s, Doowop 45s - Rhythm & Blues

Rockabilly 45s Vinyl Inventory - View the WeGotRecords.com catalog of Rockabilly 45s here: - $$
45s, Rockabilly 45s

Elton John – Goodbye yellow brick road/Same - Promo/Much Writing on label/Sticker on label - $0.75
45s, Rock 45s

Pluto – Ram goat liver/Ram goat - Made in Jamaica/Reggae Stain on Record - $6.00
45s, Reggae 45s

Franky Paul – Here we go/Version(inst.) - Made in Jamaica/Reggae - $6.00
45s, Reggae 45s

Tony Curtis – My lady/Version(inst.) - Made in Jamaica/Reggae - $6.00
45s, Reggae 45s

Peter Ranking andGeneral Luckey – Housing scheme/Version(onst.) - Made in Jamaica/Reggae/Black am I Stamped on Label - $6.00
45s, Reggae 45s

Gilda Giuliani – Parigi a volte costa fa/Same - Canadian Press/DJ/Sung inFrench Canadian - $2.00
45s, International-45s