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This includes values for all types of music such as: Rock, Jazz, and Disco. These are books that combine both 45s and LPs. These type of books include all types of music. This includes some non-price guide books, such as a guide to record labels, and books of record album covers.

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Examples of Rare Vinyl Albums:

The Wind and the Willows – Capitol – SKAO-2956 – 1968
Valued around $75, Rare because it has Debbie Harry as lead singer (Blondie)

The Appletree Theatre – Playback – 1968 Verve Forecast – FTS-3042
Valued around $100, rare because it has Rick Nelson on the record.

The Beatles – Yesterday and Today – LP
Rare because of the controversial cover, called The Butcher Cover.
750,000 we issued with this cover, and later recalled, with a new cover pasted over the original.
The rare versions still have the paste-over intact, or, even rarer, the original cover LP sold before the recall.
Value can be in the range of $400 – $20,000 depending on the version


There are way too many rare records to list here, and most have interesting stories behind the reason for being rare. The massive price guide book can be a fun read for record collectors.


Melvins LP titled Lysol. This was later recalled due to the copyrighted use of Lysol. The LP was reissued without a title. The photo below shows the word LYSOL on the cover. Average selling price is $100.


Most of the 60’s Psyche Rock records were in limited pressings and were often hard to buy in general music stores.


The rare KISS record titled Rock and Roll Over.
Not too rare, but hard to find with the stickers and related inserts intact.

Records can be considered ‘rare’ because they are made in limited editions, such as the Baby Igor EP above.
This was limited to 400 made, and each being hand-numbered.

The Starday record, above, is rare because it was a limited DJ pressing,
called an acetate.
Look up prices in this massive book!

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45's US-Media-$3.50(1-2 Records)/$0.25 Cents each Additional Record) 1st Class-$4.00($0.50 cents each Additional Record) LP's&78's Media $4.50(1-2 Records)$.50 Cents each Additional Record) BOX SETS-$5.00/$1.00 each Additional Record Priority-$10.00-1st.LP($1.00 each Additional LP) BOX SETS-$9.00 & $0.75 each Additional Record CDS's $4.00 (1s-2) CD ($1.00 each Additional CD) Magazines&Memorabilia will be calculated by weight Insurance is extra $1.65-to $200.00/$2.85 over $201.00-$250.00 +$1.00 for ea Add.100.00 OVERSEAS 45's&CD's $14.00 & $1.00 each Additional Record/CD LP's&78's $20.00 & $7.00 each additional Record BOX SETS-$20.00 & $.0.75 each Additional Record CANADA: 45's/CD's $10.00 each record&$1.00 each additional record LP's&78's $14.00 each record&$6.00 each additional record  

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