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This includes values for all types of music such as: Rock, Jazz, and Disco. These are books that combine both 45s and LPs. These type of books include all types of music. This includes some non-price guide books, such as a guide to record lables, and books of record album covers.
Examples of Rare Vinyl Albums:

The Wind and the Willows – Capitol – SKAO-2956 – 1968
Valued around $75, Rare because it has Debbie Harry as lead singer (Blondie)
The Appletree Theatre – Playback – 1968 Verve Forecast – FTS-3042
Valued around $100, rare because it has Rick Nelson on the record.

Most of the 60′s Psyche Rock records were in limited pressings and were often hard to buy in general music stores.

The Goldmine Record Album Price Guide

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