Erik Wollo – Timelines – CD Review

Product ID: 226905

Our thoughts after our first listen:

A difficult one to classify without using the genre New Age. This has the feel of a Robert Rich release, but with more song structure. Each track on this cd is its own composition, with a mood that carries into the next track.

Our review after 30+ listens:

Timelines is a completely mysterious and uplifting release by Erik Wollo. The overall theme feels like a soundtrack to the day after a life-changing event.

Positive anticipation put to music.

There is a new age feel to each individual track, with the order of the tracks having a story-telling effect. In the center of it all is the track titled ‘Visions’, a favorite track, that sounds perfect with surrounding tracks.

The music, after repeated listens, feels more in the area of Robert Rich, but with more defined structure.

We would say we listened to the entire Timelines recording approx 30 times before making this review.

Our choice for music of solitude.

Timelines, the 18th solo recording by – Erik Wøllo

More information: Timelines | Projekt Records