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Arabic II – Voyages Into North African Sound CD

March 6th | CDs

On Bar de Lune Records

13,630,110 01 Jah Wobble Hayati.mp3
11,108,771 02 Al-pha X Mad Keys.mp3
12,584,202 03 Us Conductors Under Palms (Bar de Lune Original Mix).mp3
8,584,294 04 Radar Arabiant.mp3
16,312,363 05 Malik Deep Throat.mp3
10,097,334 06 Hamid Baroudi Trance Dance (DJ Krush Mix).mp3
12,847,498 07 Natacha Atlas Amulet (Aywah Remix).mp3
17,340,590 08 Momo Digital Garab Ministry of Bullsh t (The Steve Hillage Remix).mp3
12,127,543 09 Oojami Fantasy.mp3
12,739,864 10 Rachid Taha Barra Barra.mp3
16,224,619 11 Digital Bled Fonkarabic (Digital Bled Remix).mp3
10,218,556 12 Enrico Macias La Folle Ezperance (Concorde Music Club).mp3
12,950,933 13 Zohar Sketches of Egypt.mp3
9,963,559 14 Youcef Salam.mp3
14 File(s) 176,730,236 bytes

If you create 320kBps Files from the master CD it will total 176,730,236 bytes

CD is in a softcover digipak

Much shorter than the usual Bar de Lune boxsets.


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45's US-Media-$3.58(1-2 Records)/$0.30 Cents each Additional Record) 1st Class-$4.25($0.50 cents each Additional Record) LP's & 78's Media $4.50(1-2 Records)$.50 Cents each Additional Record) BOX SETS-$5.00/$1.00 each Additional Record Priority-$10.00-1st.LP($1.00 each Additional LP) BOX SETS-$9.00 & $0.75 each Additional Record CDs $4.00 (1s-2) CD ($1.00 each Additional CD) Magazines&Memorabilia will be calculated by weight Insurance is extra $1.65-to $200.00/$2.85 over $201.00-$250.00 +$1.00 for ea Add.100.00 OVERSEAS 45's&CDs $14.00 & $1.00 each Additional Record/CD LP's&78's $20.00 & $7.00 each additional Record BOX SETS-$20.00 & $.0.75 each Additional Record CANADA: 45's/CD's $10.00 each record&$1.00 each additional record LP's&78's $14.00 each record&$6.00 each additional record
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