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Amphetamine Reptile Records

AmRep Records


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Amphetamine Reptile-57/354 Today is the Day Willpower German Press M-/M- $20.00
Amphetamine Reptile-009 Vertigo Ventriloquist M-/M- $10.00
Amphetamine Reptile-89194-1 Vertigo Vertigo M-/M- $10.00
Amphetamine Reptile-2922 Guzzard The alienation index survey M-/M- $10.00
Amphetamine Reptile-298 Guzzard Get a witness VG+/M- $10.00
Amphetamine Reptile-23/174 Helios Lactating purple German Press M-/M- $15.00
Amphetamine Reptile-33/223 Helios Kiss to the brain German Press M-/M- $15.00
Amphetamine Reptile-003 Helios Lactating purple U.S.Press M-/M- $15.00
Amphetamine Reptile-14/117 Surgery Nationwide M-/M-
Amphetamine Reptile-89166-1 King Snake Roost From barbarism to christian manhood Sh.Wrap M-/M- $10.00
Amphetamine Reptile-89168-1 King Snake Roost Things that play themselves $10.00
Amphetamine Reptile-89189-1 King Snake Roost Ground into dirt $10.00
Amphetamine-89216 COWS Peacetika M-/M- $25.00

7″ records

Amphetamine Reptile-Scale 43 Dope Guns..volume 7 $30
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale 24 Killdozer-7 Her Mothers Sorrow/Short Eyes Her Mothers Sorrow/Short Eyes $20
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale 25 Tar-Hand/Flow Plow-7 Hand/Flow Plow Hand/ Flow Plow $15
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale 28 V/A Dope,Guns in the Street Volume 5 $40
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale 64 V/A Dope,Guns in the Streets #8 $40
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale 65 Cows Cow Island/Chicken Rhythm $15
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-27 Surgery Feedback/Fried Feedback/Fried $20
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-53 Vertigo Driver #43/Sit down and Shut Up Driver #43/Sit Down and Shut Up. $10
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-63 Gear Jammer Horsepower 2000 $10
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-66 S.W.A.T. In the Ghetto/Theme from SWAT. $10
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-67 Love 666 Xtc/Ar-15 $10
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-73 V/A Dope,Guns in the Streets-#10 $40
Amphetamine Reptile-Scale-75 Silver Salute Happy Eyes/The Shit $10
Surgery-Little Debbie-7(Red) $20
Today is the Day-I Bent Scared/Come on down and Get Saved-7 (Green) $20
Guzzard-Glued/Tex-7(Orange) $10
Cows-Plowed/In the Mouth-7(Yellow) $10
Cows-Woman Inside/Theme from Midnight Cowboy-7 $10
God Bullies-How Low Can You Go-7(Pink vinyl) $10

Updated: May 2018

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AmRep CD Casus Belli Tailgunner Punk EuroPress M $8
AmRep CD Crows The Crows Amphetamine Reptile 030 1994 Punk M $7
AmRep CD Guzzard Quick Fast in a Hurry Punk M $7
AmRep CD Supernova Rocks 1998 M- $4
AmRep CD Janitor Joe – Boyfriend CDEP $5
AmRep CD Lollipop – Sucked in Blown Out $10
AmRep CD Feedtime – Billy (BB) $5
Freedom Fighters – My Scientist Friends (SAW) $5
Love 666 – American Revolution CD $5

non AmRep but really good:

Shorty – CD – Fresh Breath (SAW) $5
Mount Shasta CD – Put the Creep on $5
Big’N – Discipline CD $5
Pain Teens – Destroy Me Lover CD $5
God and Texas – Double Shot CD $5

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