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45s, Punk 45s

Assorted Punk Records – 45s

New Providence-1995,White Vinyl,Akrifa Rec-Tear/Hole in Cover,VG++/M–,$2
Union Carbide Productions-Down on the Farm-Skyclad Rec-1989-SMOC,VG+/M–,$4
Rob Skane-Another Wasted Day-1994,Paint Chip Rec-M–/M–,$2
Disciples of Agriculture-in my Town/See Through You-Paint Chip Rec-1994,SMOC,VG++/M–,$2
Time or Dirt-My Big Eye-SOC-$3
Spooky Pie-Its a Lie/Aint That the Way-$3
Time or Dirt-The Consul at Sunset-SMOC-$3
Do It Now Foundation-1992-$3
Rude Buddah-Mean Hollow Man-SMOC/BB Hole-1990-$3
Spanking Bozo-Monkey Undertow-SOC-1992-$3
StompBox-The Halloween Day Massacre-VG++/M–,1994-$3
The Marys-The Day Roy../Hey Maryann-SOC-VG+/VG++,$3
Sparkler-Discover/Hey Long Hair-Yellow Vinyl-Tim Kerr Rec-96-$4
Vegas Cocks-Too Late-Ramona Rec–$3
Bible Stud-Cried-VG+/VG++,1989-$3
First Word-from the album Dead in Idaho-SOC-1991-$3
Stick-Resistance-SOC/BB Hole-Clear Vinyl-Aritsa Rec-93-$3
The Trojan Ponies-Growing Old-SOC-Presto Rec-$2
The Louds-Beer/Sleep She Says/Brian Wilson-SOC-Kade Rec-$3
Bruce Russell-Poision-Crank Automotive-VG++/M–, $3
Two Dollar Guitar-Smells Like Records-$3
The Jigsaws-Camouflage-VG+/M–, $2
Lazy-You and Me-Roadtrip-BB Hole-1994-Clear Vinyl-$2
The Hang Ups-New Ooh/Jump Start-SOC-1992 Progressive-$2
Tim Perkins-Five-Solo Violin Improv.-SMOC-Lucky Garage Rec-$2
Amoebic Ensemble-Driving Music/Hell in a Handbasket-$2
Reservoir-American Tune/Back in NYC-Zero Hour Rec-$3
Pilot-Fork for a Tongue-Purple Vinyl-Tim Kerr-SMOC/VG++/M–,$3
Amandas Waiting-Ghost/See no Evil-Breath of the Earth Rec-SMOC,$3
Pamela Swarts-I believe-$2
TumbleWeed-Stoned/Holy Moses-Seed Rec-01,1992,SMOC,$3

WHITE WOLF-Standing Alone-Clear Flexi Disk,Promo,Mailorder Only-RCA-1984-Sampler,M–,$3
Sister Double Happiness-Don’t Worry/Wheels of Happiness-SUBPOP-1990,Green Vinyl-M-/M-,$10
Beat Happening-Left Behind/Nancy Sin-Sleeveless Promo of 3500,SUBPOP-1991,M-,$7
Velvet Monkeys-Rock the Nation-SUBPOP-102-Singles Club-1991-Clear Vinyl-M-/M-,$20

Mecca Normal/Kreviss-April 1992-SUBPOP-Singles Club-Green Vinyl-M-/M-,$10
Max Gomez-My Assassin-SUBPOP-Singles Club-Jan 1993,White Vinyl,M-/M-,$10

Bewitched-Hey White Homey/Troll Doll-SUBPOP-Feb 1993-Orange Vinyl-M-/M-,$10
SF Seals-SUBPOP-May 1993 Singles Club-Pink Vinyl,M-/M-,$15
Ween-Skycruiser-July 1993,SUBPOP-Singles Club-Pink Vinyl,M-/M-,$20
Big Chief-One Born Every Minute-SUBPOP-1993,M-/M-,$10
Snow Bud and the Flower People-Killer Bud-SUBPOP-Aug 1993,Green Vinyl-M-/M-,$10
Combustable Edison-Cry Me a River-SUBPOP Singles Club-Sept 1993,Black Vinyl,M-/M-,$10
Pigface-SUBPOP-Singles ClubOctober 1993,Clear Vinyl,M-/M-,$10
Come-Car/Last Mistake-SUBPOP-Aug 1991,White Vinyl,M-/M-,$20
Codeine-Realize-SUBPOP-July 1992-White Vinyl,M-/M-,$20
Crackerbash-Nov,1-SUBPOP-Aug 1992,Purple Vinyl-M-/M-,$20

Inhale Mary-Horse/Gift Black Raincloud-Cactus Rec-1993-SMOC-VG++/VG++,$3
Cop Shoot Cop-2 songs-Interference/Turning Inside Out,SOC,M-/M-,$5
Conspiracy of Equals-Grand Illusion.1989-SMOC(front),$6
Psquelch-Hand Colored Cover(by the band??)-1993, VG++/M–,$4
House of Large Sizes-North Cedar-Small Tear on front cover-VG+/M–,$3
V/A-Never in Nashville-4 bands-1981-Ska/metal/Punk…-VG+/VG++, $8
Whipped-Anger.M-/M–, $3
Casus Belli-AmRep-VG+/M–,$4
Colored Greens-Faced-SMOC-VG++/M–,$4
Crawdad.-M–/M–, $4
Gwen Mars-SOC,White Vinyl,VG++/M-, $4
Jenifer Convertible-SMOC-VG+/VG++, Clear Vinyl-$4
Lobster of Hate-SMOC,VG+/VG++,$3
Puppies-Stiff Rec-VG++/VG++,$5
Plummet Airlines-silver shirt-VG+/VG+,$2
The Push-Sex and Violence/Angel Eyes-Amp Records,Ohio,Promo stamp on cover, no PS, VG+, $6
Guzzard-Glued/Tex-Orange-1993, VG+/M–,SOC-$3
Muler-Thrush/Toothfairy’s Favorite Smell-Carbon Rec-1995-Yellow,M-/M-, $5

Heft-Anthems for Arbor Day-Whattsa matta you records-01,VG++/M–,1995 $4
X Woolhead-Sound Company-1991, Recorded 1989-SMOC/TOBC-VG+/VG++,$5
Tin River Junction-Loon Build-5th Dimension Records-01,SMOC/VG++/M–,$4

Walking With Edna-Triple Dip Trip-1992-King and Queen of Wonkus Rec-M-/M-,$5

100s more available.


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