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Rock LPs

List of Rock Lps for Sale | Our database of rock music albums – these are hard to find lps, classic rock albums, alternative music, and southern rock – We have mostly 70s rock, 80s new wave, and popular music heard on the radio .

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Billy&The Beaters – Billy&The Beaters - Includes Large Photo of Billy Vera/Promo StmpOBC/Dmg to Back Seam - $5.00
LPs, Rock LPs

Beach Boys – 15 Big Ones - Stereo/Gatefold Cover/Saw Mark - $5.00
LPs, Rock LPs

ABC – Beauty stab - Gatefold Cover - $4.00
LPs, Rock LPs

Winners – Checkered flag - Mono/Great Rockin' Vocal&Inst. Hot Rod - $25.00
LPs, Rock LPs

Yarbrough&Peoples – Heartbeat/Same - Heart Shaped Red Wax/With Heavy Plastic cover - $5.00
LPs, Rock LPs