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Vinyl Record Price Guides for Selling and Buying

Sell and Buy – Look Up the Value of Old Vinyl Records | Vinyl record collectors often want to find out the value of certain records in their collection. There are two primary places to look up vinyl record values, but each resource has several drawbacks. If you are looking to sell, or buy records you should use both resources before selling or buying. The two primary resources: vinyl record guide books, and eBay.

Vinyl record guide books can be a valuable resource when looking up the prices for records. Price guides, the good ones, will have more than just the “book value” of the record. The guides will often indicate why the record has the listed value. The reasons can be that a particular version has a printing error, or limited pressing. You’ll also be able to find out if the record exists in black and colored vinyl. For some records the standard black vinyl can be worth more than the colored vinyl. The drawback with printed price guides is that the listed price may not be what you could actually sell the record for because of current demand. Also, the listed price is usually for a Near Mint condition record.

Ebay is the second resource you should use when determining the value of vinyl records. Use the Completed Sales search feature on eBay to see what prices a record sold for recently. This shouldn’t be your ONLY guide for prices because some records could have been under priced, or the auction did not attract many buyers that week. To access the Completed Sales search feature you need to be a registered eBay user.

Using a printed vinyl price guide book along with eBay can be your best way to get the most accurate value for your vinyl records.

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